Did you know Costa Rica has over 1 Million stray dogs running around?

The population growth is out of control and we want to help reduce this as much as possible. We understand that life is different here and many live a life of work to live not live to work so when it comes to preventative maintenance of spaying or neutering an animal for most families this isn't an option.  This is where we want to help out. It probably won't make a major change in the country but I am sure it will make at least a small but positive one. 

Our villa rentals La Casa Azul & Villa Serenidad are taking a percentage of every rental booked and donating it to Santa Teresa Rescue which is specifically designed to go to neutering stray dogs in the community. If you're looking to help us achieve our mission to save more unnecessary street dogs, please consider adding a donation that we can forward directly to them on your behalf. 


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