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Work In Paradise With Ease

Ok I'll admit our area is horrible for internet it's run off old infrastructure and 5 mbps is the highest we've seen it go. So most of the "internet available" in ours & neighbouring beach towns uses the same cables. Rough eh? So how can anyone be a digital nomad here? We think outside the box & have an internet program exclusive for long term renting digital nomads!!


We offer KOLBI 4G Cell Phone internet packages in our villa's so wifi working abroad is a breeze. Each plan consists of 25GB per week -which is technically an unlimited internet plan through KOLBI Cell Phone 4G Internet Plans. This plan renews weekly & will be suitable for the entire month! This is the best of both worlds, beach life & high speed reliable internet.  

Reach out for the full details with your booking request. 

Digital Nomad
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