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Giving Back

We chose two charities that are very near and dear to our hearts. With each rental we save a % and send it to these wonderful initiatives annually. Discover our chosen charities below. 


Did you know Costa Rica has over 2 Million stray dogs running around?

The population growth is out of control and we want to help reduce this as much as possible. We understand that life is different here and many live a life of work to live not live to work so when it comes to preventative maintenance of spaying or neutering an animal for most families this isn't an option.  This is where we want to help out. It probably won't make a major change in the country but I am sure it will make at least a small but positive one. 

We are able to give back through Santa Teresa Pet Rescue run by Greg Murray. He helps street dogs & pet parents in neutering dogs & cats to reduce the pet population. If you are interested in adopting a Costa Rican's street dog reach out to Greg and he'll be able to assist you as their are plenty of dogs that still need a loving home.

Sea Turtle


Did you know, The Olive Ridley sea turtles still come to our beaches to lay their eggs, between 80 to 120 eggs each time.

TBT has two objectives – protect the remaining sea turtles and grow the population. A sea turtle egg hatchery is our strategy to accomplish these objectives. By taking the eggs from the nests on the beaches and hatching them in a hatchery, TBT is able to increase the initial survival rate of the eggs dramatically, from less than 10 percent to over 80 percent.

This is a 100% voluntarily run operation and they rely on the donations & touring volunteers over the season. Please help them raise funds to protected this wonderful initiative if you can. 

Tambor Bay Turtles (TBT) is a local conservation sea turtle project which has the mission to reduce threats to the sea turtles still coming to the shores of the Playa Tambor area.


Volunteers Needed!

Can't Volunteer? Try adopting a nests of eggs!

Volunteers for beach patrol are needed from July - mid December as well as hatchery volunteers from late August - January.

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