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4G Internet At The Beach & How To Set It Up In Costa Rica.

Ok, If you've visited a beach town off the beaten path chances are the high speed internet isn't very high speed. I know when we set up high speed internet originally the 5mbps was enough to stream and we were happy. However as the country grows in popularity more and more usage is drawn from those older cable lines resulting in lagging & complete disconnection.

Which is why at Dog Paws & Sandy Hair we've come up with a solution for Digital Nomads to enjoy our beaches with high speed internet until our deposit on STARLINK satellite internet is fulfilled!! We offer KOLBI 4G Cell Phone Internet Incentives to anyone staying for 1 month or longer. You'll need a KOLBI SIM card which is available at most corner stores but we also have them on site at our local Corner Store by the Club House or at the main Tambor corner store "SUPER LAPA"

Only Pre-Paid Services are available for Non-Residents.

For each month booked with us we will reimburse up to a specific amount of KOLBI Cell Phone 4G Internet Plans. When you inquire we'll let you know exactly what we cover.

WEEK PACKAGE -This is the package we suggest.

-7 days of Unlimited Internet (25gb)

-$7,000 VATI (approx $12 USD)

-TO ACTIVATE - See below for different methods. You must have a KOLBI sim Card.

-AUTO RENEWING - To cancel text salir noche to 8888

How are Prepaid Domain plans activated?

You can choose between three easy ways to activate your preferred Domain plan:

Calling the kölbi Prepaid Store

  1. Dial from your cell phone * 888 # and the call key.

  2. Select option 7-Domain Plans.

  3. In the menu, select option 1-Plan Activation.

  4. Choose the plan you want. "Paquet Semana"

  5. The cost will be automatically deducted from your principal balance.

In the kölbi APP

  1. I opened the APP "mi kölbi" (available on Google Play or App Store).

  2. If you are new, register or if you are already, enter your username and password.

  3. Choose the option "My Services".

  4. Enter or choose (if you already have it registered), the prepaid number for which you want to activate the Prepaid Domain plan.

  5. Select the option "See plans".

  6. Select the Domain plan you want.

  7. Choose the payment method: either from the main balance of your prepaid service or from the debit or credit card that you have registered in the app.

  8. Accept and confirm the subscription of the plan.

Entering the virtual store "My kölbi"

  1. On our website, enter our virtual store "My kölbi"

  2. Register or if you already are, enter your username and password.

  3. You will see the option "Your kölbi Products" with the favorite prepaid services that you have registered.

  4. Select the prepaid service for which you wish to activate the plan, then choose the options “Domain Plans” and “Activation of Prepaid Plans”.

  5. Choose the Prepaid Domain plan you want.

  6. Select the payment method: either from the main balance of your prepaid service or from the debit or credit card that you have registered in the store.

***USE GOOGLE CHROME TO Auto-Translate Spanish webpages.

NOTE: Our digital nomad incentive is not able to be combined with any other offers / discounts.


Kristy & Eric

Dog Paws & Sandy Hair Be sure to check out our Villa Rentals.

Thinking of Buying / Selling in Canada or Costa Rica? Feel free to reach out and I'll be able to connect you with a trusted professional in your market.

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