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9 Things You Can Do To Protect Sea Turtles. Tambor Bay Turtle Rescue Playa Tambor-Costa Rica.

If you live in Costa Rica or if you're just visiting here are some simple things you can do to help protect the sea turtle population.

  1. Leave Only Foot Prints: Whatever you do when visiting the beach be sure to take all things you bring back out with you. You can take it a step further and make a game out of finding things that have washed up from the last storm. I personally love taking a trash bag with me to the beach so I can collect things along the way. I feel for every thing I remove is one less thing that has an opportunity to harm a turtle, whale, fish or child with it's journey through another storm.

  2. No Beach Fires: Camp fires on the beach sound like fun but since turtles lay their eggs under the sand and leave no trace behind you could inadvertently build your fire onto of or close to a nest effectively killing the little babies.

  3. Observe -Don't Touch: Sea turtles are very cute and it's tempting to want to hold them but please do not disturb a mom working on making a nest or laying her eggs or even a young turtle trying to make it to the ocean upon hatching. If an area is identified to have a turtle nest it's best to be aware of it's location and avoid walking on it so the nest isn't trampled.

  4. Reduce Light Pollution -Sea turtles use light and reflection from the moon and ocean to find their way to the water at night. Our light bulbs are dangerous for them as they get confused and can be lead away from the ocean. Turning out the lights will help them find their way.

  5. Reject Single Use Plastics -No more plastic bags, no more plastic straws, no more plastic forks or spoons, no more plastic wrap. Anything you use once and toss out you can really help by refusing to buy them in the first place and refusing to use them when at a Resturant.

  6. Reject Toxic Chemicals- Chemicals you use on your lawn and in you're home can actually wash into the water killing plants and animals. It's best to use biodegradable solutions like what we use in our villa it's inspired by plants & proven by science. We are BIG FAN's of this kind of environmentally friendly product.

  7. Donate -Research some rescues and donate what you can to help fund their annual expenses. We personally donate to our local rescue Tambor Bay Turtles.

  8. Volunteer -We're lucky to have a local turtle rescue Tambor Bay Turtle Rescue to be located in our area. They are always looking for volunteers to help find turtles, release turtles, monitor the nests from predators and so much more.

  9. Shop -We are big fan's of 4OCEAN an initiative that is tackling the plastic pollution in our oceans. Each bracelet you buy will help fund removing 1 pound of trash from our ocean.

Their future can be made brighter by our conscious thoughts we make every day.

Pura Vida.


Kristy & Eric

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