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Anamaya Resort -Montezuma Costa Rica. A must see.

I have to say I am grateful for a friend who introduced me to this fabulous place called ANAMAYA in Montezuma just a short drive from our home in Playa Tambor.

I've driven by this place many times and always thought it was closed to private events and yoga masters. That is not true, it's open to all and if they have a private event they may be closed but outside of that you can go for lunch or dinner. In the off season you can make reservations to ensure there will be staff available. They also offer Spa and aquatic therapies for deep relaxation.

The space is insanely beautiful. Very zen, relaxing and filled with nature from colourful local plants and adorable visitors we saw a coati and spider monkey family join us during our lunch. Our table was located on a balcony overlooking the ocean, in fact you can even see a large home down the hill closer to the ocean which used to be owned by the CEO of Walt Disney. We are still waiting to hear who the new owners are!!

I think the most magical part of our dinner was looking out into the vast ocean and seeing a pod of whales playing and flopping their fins around. Of all the years I've been travelling to Costa Rica that was the first time I spotted this wonderful experience. I only wish I had binoculars with me to see them more clearly but none the less it was still spectacular.

Now the food here is to die for.

I started with the hummus & plantain appetizer which was unlike anything I've had before they sprinkled feta, olives and roasted red peppers......I could eat this daily.

Then we tried the guacamole with plantain chips and surprisingly I much prefer this over corn chips. It was light and yet also filling.

Each of us ordered a different meal for lunch and we all enjoyed each of ours so it's safe to say anything you pick on the menu will be sure to please you.

So if I had to rate this place on a 5 star scale I would definitely suggest it's a 6/5 their is no comparison to having that view when enjoying your meal with friends or a loved one.


Kristy & Eric

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