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Bitcoin/Crypto & Vacation's NOW AVAILABLE -Take a vacation using Crypto.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

2.5 million people world wide do not have access to traditional bank accounts. This is why we are jumping on the crypto bandwagon. We are intrigued by this volatile market that is taking the world by storm in its efforts to end corruption in the world.

We accept (at current market value)



-LTC -Litecoin

How it works: Right now Etherium is worth $1,000 USD so let's say you book a vacation that is worth $1500 USD. We would sent you our wallet # to send us 1.5 Etherium coins. Same goes for all other coins we'll look up the value using COIN MARKET CAP and take it's value at the time of transfer and correlate it appropriately. If the value of the coin DROPS after you've paid us no stress, you don't owe us any more that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Note: We offer crypto purchases on non-refundable vacations booked. Due to the volatile market we are taking a risk in offering this payment and will not be accommodating crypto refunds.


Kristy & Eric

Dog Paws & Sandy Hair Be sure to check out our Villa Rentals.

Thinking of Buying / Selling in Canada or Costa Rica? Feel free to reach out and I'll be able to connect you with a trusted professional in your market.



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