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Concrete Pool Construction -A Costa Rican Essential.

When we bought our bungalow by the ocean (Villa Serenidad) it had no pool. We tried to offer it for rent without a pool and it resulted in a big flop of massive amount of cancellations so.....we had to scrounge up the funds to afford to put in a pool.

After reviewing options between a pre-fab fibreglass pool and a concrete pool we decided to go with the concrete pool. They are durable and are able to withstand an earthquake better. Fixing them also seems to be easier to do in our more remote town which gave me a little bit of relief.

We chose to go with MOLINA Construction after reviewing their portfolio and knowing that they have been building pools for the last 30+ years, many of them in our community.

Please enjoy the progress photos and we are happy to talk about the process and working with the MOLINA Team.


Kristy & Eric

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