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Digital Detox -A FREE Costa Rica Retreat For A Better Life & A New World Upon Us.

The average person touches their mobile device more than 2,600 time a DAY. How unbelievable is that? Well it's true our over dependance is affecting our relationships, mental health and overall quality of life more than you may think.

Are you like me and long for those days when work was 9-5 and when you left that was it, never to be thought of again until you arrive the next day. Now of days our smart phones are mini computers that received emails and alerts 24/7. It's been proven that dopamine is a natural trigger that is released in our brain every time we hear a ping, swoosh, tweet or whatever you're alerts are set as.

There has been so much research that proves having tech in front of us is NOT a good thing anymore. Suicide in teens has reached an all time high, the pressures to look and act a certain way -easy access to bullying and massive amounts of mental health issues. More and more people are battling depression and the doctors keep pushing drugs which is only a temporary solution and often pushing people deeper down the depression hole. How often have we felt guilty for not responding to someones email, text or call right away even though it's technically after hours. Or on the other hand if someone doesn't respond to us quickly we automatically start thinking if we did anything to offend them. This is not normal but as a society we made this normal.

And if you can see what I see, I am sure you can agree that 100 years ago we didn't have as many of the problems we have today with big tech being one big factor in all of this.

I do believe we are upon a pivotal change in our global society where we are going to get back to having true connections. Connections to family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and above all Mother Earth. The hard part will be for all of us to learn how to re-connect and engage with the outside world again.

Which is why we invite our guests to participate in a DIGITAL DETOX. It's absolutely free because you do it yourself -no need to pay any guides or guru's. Just participate when you book on of our rentals.


  1. Collection: Gather up all the small items (cell phone, laptop, iPads, game consoles, tv boxes) make sure they are turned off and lock them away in a drawer for the duration of your time. If you have kids ensure they don't have access to sneak a peak.

  2. Set a time frame: We suggest a WEEK at a minimum because the effects of getting over this addiction is the hardest part. We continually think -did I respond to XYZ, did so and so get back to me, am I missing anything ETC. Your mind will go through a million things. Remember this is an addiction, it sounds crazy but you'll see how often we think or instinctively reach for our hand held devices.

  3. Success Principles: Set yourself up for success by keeping yourself busy. Plan things to do such as excursions (take a digital camera for photos -NO cell phones!) Go to the beach, explore a new town, meet a neighbour and make a new friend, play a card or board game, ride a bike, read a book, try and learn a new recipe, volunteer at a local rescue or rehabilitation facility, journal, meditate, go for a walk or run, try fishing, play tennis or pickle ball, go swimming,

Note: When doing this with kids / teens it could be difficult. They key here is to acknowledge we all have some level of addition to "staying connected" be patient with them. Give them projects to do like crafts or explore. You'll see the first few days are the hardest then they will start to enjoy the excursions and memories being made. They will forever remember that you did together when you go on adventure than if you stayed at the villa playing video games or chatting with friends back home. Trust the process, it's worth it in the end.

Once you've completed a true digital detox I want to hear about how it went for you. If you want to practice you can try doing "WEEKEND" detoxes prior to your trip so by the time you get here it won't be such a shock to the system. Please email us and share your success story with us and remember if you weren't successful that's ok, it happens it just takes practice, patience and perseverance. Happy detoxing -PURA VIDA.


Kristy & Eric

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