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Discover Montezuma Falls in Costa Rica.

Once of our favourite things to do when staying in Tambor is visiting the neighbouring towns and make an exhausting day of it. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the Montezuma falls the right way.


-Proper walking shoes

-Towel -Sunscreen

When you first arrive in Montezuma, parking can be sparse. There is an unwritten rule of pretty much park anywhere. There are two parking lots one by the ocean and one up around the corner by the waterfalls. When parking in these parking lots you'll generally see a guy managing the lot charging a fee to park there. Feel free to pay the guy and have him watch your car or save the fee and try and find some street parking and walk to the falls.

To find the falls take the road parallel to the ocean and you'll go over a small bridge and this is where the falls are on the right hand side. Here you'll also have tour guides that will try offer their services for a fee this is not needed as the path is well identified. It can be a difficult walk as you'll be going up and down the mountain and some rocky parts so if you're not sturdy on your feet it is best to not do the walk.

Once at the falls, pick an empty spot to settle down into and take a dip in the water. It's quite refreshing as the water is very cool.

The Montezuma waterfalls is a very fun, easy & free thing to do near us. Take a picnic with you or enjoy lunch at one of our many favourite restaurants. Just explore and enjoy.


Kristy & Eric

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