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Healthy Sunscreens For YOU & the OCEAN on Vacation!

I get stressed out when shopping for sunscreen. I know so much of it is toxic and our skin is the largest organ we have. I try to avoid putting toxic lotions and sunscreens on my skin. So after a longggggggg weekend of research I fell in love the EWG's Sunscreen database which rates the safety and efficacy of sunscreens and other products with SPF coverage. It will rate the toxicity level of a product from 1-10 and the goal is to be at 1 or as close as possible for your needs. It really helps take the guess work out of what sunscreens are rated based on many factors.

I did a search on this webpage there are 1,222 REEF SAFE Sunscreens so it's a win for you and for the ocean! This makes me very excited.


-Oxybenzone -Endocrine disruptor.

-Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate)

-Added Insect Repellent

-Sprays -Bad for our Ozone


-SPF above 50

Look For

-Zinc Oxide


-Mexoryl SX


-Broad Spectrum Protection


-SPF 15-50 for your specific needs.

My top choices & easy to shop for sun screens.

ATTITUDE mineral sunscreen


-Free of oxybenzone, octinozate and benzophenone-3

-Mineral Sunscreen made with 100% non-nao zinc oxide.

-Plant-based & minerals only.


-Ecologo Certified. Sustainable & Biodegradable sunscreen.

-PETA Certified -Not tested on animals.

I hope this has helped navigate the waters of selecting an excellent safe and environmentally friendly sunscreen for your upcoming vacation.

NOTE: This is just a personal suggestion and are not sponsored or earning revenue from any suggestion made here.


Kristy & Eric

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