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Is Costa Rica LGBTQ Friendly?


Let's kick off our discovery of how LGBTQ friendly Costa Rica is. In 2015 Costa Rica was one of the first country in Central America to recognize gay relationships. However, as of May 2020 same-sex couples who want to marry may do so as part of the presidential order on equality and parity of rights without any discrimination.

So the short answer is YES Costa Rica is LGBTQ friendly, in some of the larger cities you'll find same sex clubs to meet others in. In the smaller towns gay relationships are not commonly seen so you may receive a few looks but it results generally that's all you'll receive. For the most part everyone is Pura Vida and keep to themselves.

We here at Dog Paws & Sandy Hair are LGBTQ ally's. We personally have gay friends in our off the beaten path community that tend to agree that our area is much like a major city where their orientation isn't an issue. We hope you'll explore this beautiful country and enjoy all that it has to offer. Also, share your travel photos with us on Instagram @DogPawsAndSandyHair to be featured in our shout outs.

Additional LGBTQ Resources: Here

Pura Vida.


Kristy & Eric

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