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Pizza, Pints, Sunsets & Volleyball by the Ocean at El Rancho -Los Delfines.

The Rancho Pizza Hut & Bar is a great place to hang out by the beach. The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting. During the day you have a perfect view of the pristine ocean & bay. At night it turns into the local watering hole for residents, locals and tourists. In peak season teh Rancho is open Tuesday -Sunday where Thursday night is Karaoke night. Friday's they'll have the occasional live band which has been on hold due to covid.

Different Pizza Options $7,000 crc = $10.8 USD approx.

The menu is limited but delicious they currently offer a wide variety of pizza combinations, chicken skur's as well as loaded potato wedges. The drink menu is extensive and they usually have some new cocktail curated for the day. They also have a good variety of beers including the local variety.

Outside of the epic sunsets that grace us with its presence almost every night. You can also enjoy every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 3pm you'll find a group of residents and tourist playing volleyball together just on the beach by the Rancho.

I know that you'll enjoy your time at this hidden gem. If you're not staying in the local area you can call the Rancho at +506-8601-0620 /

Take the time to enjoy life...... you deserve it.


Kristy & Eric

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