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Where Should You Live In Costa Rica?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Costa Rica is an amazing country that is relatively small compared to many other large continents around the globe. Costa Rica accounts for only 0.03 percent of the earth's surface and contains almost 6% of the worlds biodiversity. There is just no telling what you'll see when you're here.

When it comes to determine where you should live I strongly suggest you walk the beat. Meaning test out different areas. There are plenty of micro climates all over the continent from the mountains to the ocean. Outside of that you can see plenty of expats living in San Jose the main city of Costa Rica as well as dispersed amongst the tourist towns like Jaco, Tamarindo Playa Coco and so many more. If being the life of the party, events and go go go then this may be a great place for you & Strongly suggest you dig deeper on those areas. I'm specifically not going to dive into those area as their are plenty of blogs already that focus on those areas.

I'm going to focus on what I feel is a hidden gem. Half of me doesn't want to tell anyone so it stays a hidden gem and the other half of me wants like minded people to know this place exists and how amazing it is. Personally I'm a low key, zen hippie and where I enjoy being a part of the bumping life night life but only when I chose to be. I defiantly don't want to LIVE in it but I want to be able to VISIT it in close proximity. Which is why I chose the area known as Playa Tambor in Punteranus Province.

So as Roger Rabbit says "Let me count the ways on why I love thee" (sorry for those younger than 35 readers and don't get the movie reference lol)

  1. This bay is called Bahia Ballena ( Whale Bay) where during mating & birthing season you'll often see whales come here to have their calfs in peace.

  2. The beach is 5.8km of sandy calm soft sand which is perfect for families worried about the ocean waves.

  3. During high travel season our beaches are still oh so quiet and peaceful. No need to fight for space at all.

  4. Were close to a local rescue TAMBOR TURTLES and August -November is PRIME turtle season!! You may even be able to be apart of their turtle rescue release right on our very own beaches.

  5. We are in a gated community which I personally loved as an investor. Ensuring my investment isn't looted or squatted in by people with less than desirable morals.

  6. This gated community is ESTABLISHED meaning we have a Doctor on site, grocery store, well known golf course & club house, and so much more! Not many communities have these amenities on site.

  7. Diversity -I love how Tico's (locals) many Canadians, some Americans & other countries all live together in the same area as it results in some great conversations.

  8. Beach House Rancho -Can you say drinks, beach front, & fire oven pizza yummmmm

  9. #2 Golf Course in Costa Rica right at our door steps. I'm not much of a golfer I'll admit but I do love that every Monday the golf course is closed and they allow eco / walking tours on the course to explore the land.

  10. Close to Montezuma the hippie yoga town & Santa Teresa the surf town.

  11. Next door (a good 45 min beach walk) from Barcelo Tambor Resort. Where as guest of the Los Delfines community you can get a DAY PASSES at the resort if they fell like doing an all inclusive drink and food day there.

  12. Birding is so much fun here if you love seeing unique and vibrant birds we have an abundance.

  13. Scarlett McCaw Conservation Program: Our area often has Scarlett McCaws conservation program in place as were the ONLY golf course in the world that is also a sanctuary for these endangered birds.

  14. Weather is STABLE!! Were 6 degrees from the equator which means our temperatures are grarenteed year-round and the rain when it does come it's mostly at night in May & June then August -November. So its called our GREEN season not Rainy Season here.

  15. Sand dollars. Sounds weird but whenever I've vacationed else where I've never seen one then my first week of staying here before I purchased I found 12!!! Of course we want to protect the eco system so please do not touch them as they are living organisms.

Ok I'll be honest I can go on forever about how much this community continues to impress me. I defiantly suggest you stay in the area so you can experience it for your self! Visit our RENTALS page to see what properties are available.

Pura Vida

Kristy & Eric

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